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Mandore Project focuses on collaborating with local opportunities and resources available.

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Rural Education

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From 10/02/2007 To 14/02/2007


Book Bus,UK

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Mandore Project focuses on collaborating with local opportunities and resources available.

Mandore Project : Mary cundall

Dear Surendra,

I have forwarded you a copy of the email I sent to the president of Travel Aid (the Oxford University society I mentioned yesterday).

I would also like to reiterate quite how impressed I was with the fortnight we spent at the Mandore Guesthouse. I really felt welcomed into your family and incredibly well-attended. The project itself was without doubt the best of the five volunteer projects I have been involved with to date, not least because it was extremely well co-ordinated, for which I am also very grateful.

I hope that your volunteering projects in and around Mandore go from strength to stength and will endeavour to do all that I can to help you and the Marwar Medical and Relief Society in the future.

My best wishes to you and your family,

Mary Cundall

Mary cundall Sent: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 01:09:35 -0800 (PST)

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Project Participants

Unity is strength and strength is an outcome of collaboration.

Andrew Rogers

Claire Hanlon

Geoffrey Jones

Joshua Coleman-Pecha

Stefana Bosse

Will Cooper

Tim Farnell

Alexandra Sutton

Oliver Kempe

Ben Marlow

Kalyani Mccarthy

Kieran Heinrich

Joachim Bosse

John Kirk

George Hall-Wilson

Mary Cundo

Volunteering in India

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Mandore Project

The Mandore Project is a secular, all-inclusive, nonprofit organization. It takes a grassroots approach by involving local communities and linking them with volunteers. The project has an unorthodox approach to the typical, hierarchical bureaucracy that drives India. Run out of the guest house, there is no formal, centralized office, and the aim is to minimize paperwork and unnecessary planning.

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