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Mandore Project focuses on collaborating with local opportunities and resources available.

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Rural Education

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21/02/2013 To 14/03/2003


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Mandore Project focuses on collaborating with local opportunities and resources available.

India Web Report - Sarah Alldritt, Cass and Lou

Extracts from our Diaries

Naamashkaar.......Greetings from Mandore, India, Our home for the duration of the village project. We arrived yesterday and were greeted with a warm welcome of flower garlands and traditional music from Surendra (the director of the Marwar medical relief society) and his family. The thatched huts and swinging beds in the garden were a real contrast.

Sarah Alldritt, Cass and Lou Sent: 22 February 2003 06:15

Volunteering With Chief Minister Rajasthan

India Web Report - Nicholas Ward

India Web report

Here's a status report of the village project. Currently having a brilliant time and loving India to its fullest extent. Happy reading and enjoy!

Greetings from Mandore! The village project is in full swing and the second week has been as rewarding if not more so than the first. The group is now settled into the early routine of waking up, breakfast and cycling and a lot of us have been getting fitter for the better. Cycling 22 km a day for the last two weeks has made the group feel healthier since the first 2 weeks were spent "bus" ing around the sights.

Whenever we reach the village project we are always eager to crack on and dig in with the many activities and tasks which need to be done. This week was quite exciting as we started a new phase of the project, the school. The school has around a hundred pupils from the local village and has very basic ground: a well, a few classroom buildings and no electricity. There were numerous jobs that needed to be completed and a huge variety of skills was required from the group. Firstly, the ground was leveled out to create flat surfaces in the school grounds and enabled other jobs to occur. A volleyball pitch was constructed by a small team of venturers and a pretty little garden was planted with various species of flowers. Inside the School "Leader" Nick and Dave aided the local electrician in electrifying the school sorting the children out with lights and A/C fans. Surendra our project manager was helping to direct us at this time and we were always able to find ourselves jobs to keep us occupied. Benches and tables were made, bolted together and painted. A small group of venturers helped in a school survey of each child finding their height, weight and many other various criteria. This survey was then used by local doctors to see how the children are developing and to see how healthy they are. The school buildings were repainted, all the way to the outside walls to the classroom doors.

There was so much activity in fact, that we attracted local dignitaries on two separate occasions! These dignitaries brought a hoard of people from the local community to watch what was going on at the village and media interest to the Venture Co, team. We were featured in two local papers reporting what we are doing at the village. This press coverage was most unexpected and the locals in Jodhpur started to notice the work we were doing. Hopefully this attention will not go unnoticed and may be the Vishnoi villagers will get some more support from the Rajasthan Government. It seems over the last week we have made a radical change to the community for the better. Working with the Vishnoi people to reach a common goal has installed a sense of pride and achievement in all the venturers to the realization that we have made a real difference.

Nicholas Ward Date :13/03/2003 10:01:09 GMT Standard Time

Project Paricipants

Unity is strength and strength is an outcome of collaboration.

John Penicud

Neill Mackay

Phillip Applegate

Jay Nash

Joshua Coleman-Pecha

Simon Bridge

Ros Young (Leader)

Johanna Deininger

Sarah Alldritt

Suhrid Patel

Jennny Penicud

Julian Bennetts

Louisa Ramm

David King

Fiona Shrubb

Simon Bennett

Nick Hancock(Leader)

Cassadra Mathers

Richard Walsh

Nicholas Ward

Alexadra Pitt

Volunteering in India

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Mandore Project

The project aims to organize fun, educational activities for rural schools children in order to inspire them to learn and give them some much needed attention. You’ll play games and sports, sing songs and do some arts-and-crafts, all aimed at teaching the kids basic English, while giving them the attention and love they need and deserve. You might also expect to prepare and teach your own lessons as well, depending on the local need. You may also assist with some painting and renovation work as well.

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